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So, I've decided to go the 'Friends Only' route. All people currently on my flist will remain there.

Please either add me first, or comment to be added.

A Few Things To Know:

-I will not add anyone who is homophobic, racist, chauvinistic, closed minded, prejudice, etc.

-I tend to lurk, and I'm not much of a commenter. Please keep that in mind when you friend me, because I hate it when people ask to be friended and then de-friend me a couple of weeks later because I didn't comment much.

-QaF fans are more than welcome to friend me. (Be warned, I'm an avid B/J fan and Justin apologist.)

-Feel free to friend me if we know each other from communities.

-Do not promote in this entry.

-Please do not bring community business to my journal, unless I'm a maker for your community.

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Is anyone having trouble with their user pics? I have been trying for a half hour to delete some and it won't let me. Ugh, why can't LJ actually be functional?!

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Hi everyone! I hope you're having a lovely weekend. As usual, it's been a while since I posted, but I thought I should update, as I've had a lot of changes in my life recently.

→ I started my job at Education First working in the Au Pair department. It's been a little bit of a roller coaster ride trying to adjust from working for non-profit human services agencies to a huge company. I went in still very much with the heart of a social worker, but I needed to quickly change that, because business is cut throat and they hold you to a different set of standards. I think it's going pretty well now, and I love the company. They treat their employees well, and there's a lot of opportunity for me to move in different parts of the company, eventually. I just need to stay on my game.

→ I've been getting up a 5:30am every morning and don't get home until 7:30pm. This is a huge adjustment for me. Taking the train in to work every day, and not having access to a car is very different as well. It's not awful, but is definitely a change. I'm always tired, and never want to go out on weekdays, even Fridays. I just want to eat dinner, watch an hour of TV and then go to bed. I've become quite boring. :/

→ I've been dieting and working out at the gym 3x per week. I'm paying $160 a month for a personal trainer. I see her once per week for a half hour, and it has been helping. She's great, and she really motivates me. As much as it's killing my wallet, I need this type of attention, or I will never be motivated to lose the weight. I'm dieting, but not an insane amount. I eat healthy throughout the week for the most part, and I'm watching my calories and really looking nutritional labels. I tend to fall apart on the weekends, but I'm trying to get better with that. I have lost 10lbs in about 6 weeks. The first couple of weeks I was only going to the gym 2x per week, so my goal is to lose 2.5lbs per week, over the next 10 months.

→ I'm determined to go to Australia next March. My really good friend whom I met while I studied abroad in England lives in Melbourne, and I am dying to visit him. He promised he'd show me around and do tons of touristy things with me, which is really exciting. I'm going to try to get 2 weeks off. If I can manage to get more than that, I'm going to do a tour, and maybe see some other parts of Australia. I'd love to do a small trip to New Zealand as well. I'd cut off my own arm to see Hobbiton, if it's still there! I'm using this as a goal to lose more weight, because I want to look good when I see my friend, and I want to be able to keep up with the tour, which will inevitably have a lot of walking incorporated.

→ My parents want me to go with them to Italy in early August of next year. I hope I'll be allowed to take this trip in addition to my Australian adventure. I'll need to ask my boss but I'm nervous about doing so. I don't get to use vacation time for 6 months, so it won't even be available to me until mid January.

→ I'm looking for new TV shows to watch. All the ones I loved are either finished, or have turned to utter shit, like Glee. I'm heartbroken about Cory Monteith, so I probably won't be able to continue with Glee after the first three episodes. They've basically turned it into Blee anyway. Blaine has ruined the show, and Darren Criss can't act even if his life depended on it. If you don't think he's taken over the show, just count the amount of songs that little asshole gets in the first 2 episodes. It's disgraceful and his character has turned into a privileged, narcissistic, creepy little stalker who doesn't know how the meaning of the word "no". That and what they will inevitably be doing to Kurt's character. Complete character assassination of the character who was once so inspiring to many, as well as the character assassination of his once supportive father Burt. I won't go into details, because I know people probably don't' want spoilers, but I'll just say that I'm done. Completely done.

→ My new room mate moved in. She's nice, but it doesn't seem like we'll be really good friends. I've asked her out several times, thinking that she might want to see RI, but she's declined. Oh well. I do miss being friends with my room mate though, even though my last one could be really passive aggressive at times. I would love to have my own place, but I feel like I'll never be able to afford it. AT least until I pay off my car loan and my insurance drops.

→ I've been feeling very nostalgic for Queer as Folk. I actually almost re-watched Season 1 the other day. However, Season 5 killed me, and I'm just not over it, even though it's been years. I've gotten back into reading QaF fic though, which is helpful, since there are so few Kadam (Kurt/Adam Crawford) fics, or Kurtbastian fics. It's all Klaine, all the time, which makes me enraged and physically ill (what with how unhealthy that relationship is). I just wish BJfic.net hadn't died. So much good stories were lost.

→ I've been in the mood to read lately. I bought Orange is the New Black memoir for my book club later in the month. I also bought the audio book and ebook and hardcover additional of Chris Colfer's The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell. I've bought the hardcover of his second book in the series as well, The Enchantress Returns, and I'll purchase the ebook and audio book once I finish The Wishing Spell. It'll be good for me to start reading again, and it's good to pass the time on the train, so I don't end up reading all the good fic in existence since I've been going through fic like crazy!
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Ahhhhh, LJ is being ridiculous! This has lasted three days now, that I can't make a post in my journal or communities on my computer!

So frustrating!!

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I implore you all to sign this petition regarding the new piracy laws. The extent to which they are taking this is NOT okay.

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